12.08.2015 – New signing on Bad Afro: Bellhound Choir

BellhoundChoir_RGS2 400Bad Afro is happy to announce the signing of a new Danish act. Bellhound Choir is the solo project of singer and guitarplayer Christian Hede Madsen. In April he released the EP ‘Stray Screech Beast’ online (vinyl version out late August on Lay Bare Recordings from Holland) that showcased a dark, stripped down alternative blues sound that intrigued us even though it’s pretty far from what we normally release. The EP can be heard below.The upcoming Bellhound Choir debut album is already recorded and is even better than the EP. The album is called ‘Imagine The Crackle” and is produced by Sebastian Wolff from Kellermench. It’s due to be released on Bad Afro in 2016.

Christian Hede Madsen used to sing and play guitar in the Danish stoner and classic rock outfit Pet The Preacher which is now on hiatus.

04.08.2015 – Upcoming tour dates

28.08-29.08.2015 – Narcosatanicos – Knife Fest, Copenhagen
10.09-12.09.2015 – Lorenzo Woodrose (solo), Copenhagen Psych Fest, Copenhagen
19.09.2015 – Spids Nøgenhat – Voxhall, Aarhus
25.09.2015 – Spids Nøgenhat – Posten, Odense
26.09.2015 – Spids Nøgenhat – Studenterhuset, Aalborg
02.10.2015 – Spids Nøgenhat – Pumpehuset, Copenhagen (Sold Out)
03.10.2015 – Spids Nøgenhat – Pumpehuset, Copenhagen (Sold Out)
04.10.2015 – Spids Nøgenhat – Pumpehuset, Copenhagen
10.10.2015 – Spids Nøgenhat – Oslo Psych Fest, Oslo
20.10.2015 – Baby Woodrose – Hafenklang, Hamburg
21.10.2015 – Baby Woodrose – The Tube, Düsseldorf
22.10.2015 – Baby Woodrose – Kulturbahnhof, Jena
23.10.2015 – Baby Woodrose – K4, Nürnberg
24.10.2015 – Baby Woodrose – Sky High Festival, Das Bett, Frankfurt am Main
25.10.2015 – Baby Woodrose – Beatpol, Dresden

04.05.2015 – Telstar Sound Drone release new live EP

telstar live EPToday Telstar Sound Drone will release a new EP that was recorded live at Jägerklause in Berlin in January last year. The EP can be downloaded for free at their bandcamp and contains the 4 songs Evaporation, Feels Like A Ride, Golden Needles and a cover of the Red Crayola song Hurricane Fighter Plane. Telstar Sound Drone released their debut album Comedown on Bad Afro in June 2013 and are currently working on their second album due to be released at the end of the year. The band consists of Sean Jardenbæk on vocals, Hans Beck (drums), Mads Saaby (guitar) (both from Baby Woodrose), Christian Norup (bass) from Bite The Bullet and Henrik “Hobitten” Klitstrøm from Spids Nøgenhat

18.04.2015 – Baby Woodrose Will be touring in Germany in October

20.10.2015 – Hafenklang, Hamburg
21.10.2015 – The Tube, Düsseldorf
22.10.2015 – Kulturbahnhof, Jena
23.10.2015 – K4, Nürnberg
24.10.2015 – Sky High Festival @ Das Bett, Frankfurt am Main,
25.10.2015 – Beatpol, Dresden

08.04.2015 – New logo for Forlaget Bad Afro

Forlaget_Bad_AfroNow that Bad Afro is about to release a book about the danish band Spids Nøgenhat a new logo is needed. Thanks to Peter Markham (who did a LOT of the Bad Afro artwork in the early days and was the inventor of the original logo) for making this update of the logo that showcases our new intellectual standard. This book is also the reason why there is quiet on Bad Afro right now. I am taking a break from releasing records but after the book-mania new releases by Baby Woodrose, Telstar Sound Drone and Narcosatanicos are in the pipeline. Next year Bad Afro Records will not be a teenager anymore as the label turns 20 years old. Have to figure out how to celebrate that as well.

16.03.2015 – It’s all too quiet, baby!

spids figurIf you think there is quiet on Bad Afro these days you are completely right. The last release was the Janitors 12” in September last year and there will be no releases this spring. The reason is that a friend and I are writing a book about the Danish band Spids Nøgenhat and that will take all my time the next coming months. The book will be published on Bad Afro in November as an independent book. After that the plan is to be going back to releasing sweet vinyl. The next coming releases are a Narcosatanicos 12” and the second album by Telstar Sound Drone. Hopefully a new Baby Woodrose album is getting closer as well.

05.03.2015 – Spids Nøgenhat will be playing the following shows in DK in the fall

19.09.15 – Voxhall, Aarhus (pre-sale)
25.09.15 – Posten, Odense (pre-sale)
26.09.15 – Studenterhuset, Aalborg (pre-sale)
02.10.15 – Pumpehuset, Copenhagen (pre-sale)

19.02.2015 – Baby Woodrose live in Denmark

Baby Woodrose will only play a few shows in Denmark in 2015. These three concerts have just been confirmed:

23.05.2015 – Pitstop, Kolding (pre-sale)
30.05.2015 – Loppen, Copenhagen (pre-sale)
30.07-02.08.2015 – Kildemose Festival, Nyborg

17.02.2015 – Spids Nøgenhat will be playing live in Tivoli in Copenhagen May 1st

31.01.15 – Special edition of The Dandelion – S/T 12″

dandelion special ed 12When Bad Afro released the now sold out debut 12” by The Dandelion early last year we had to call back the entire pressing as there was a small scratch on one of the songs. It was not a big deal but still too annoying to let go. A new batch of vinyl was produced and inserted into the old sleeves and we tried to have as many records returned as possible. We got most of them back but there is still 70 copies out there with the scratch. This means that there are 70 EPs left without the original sleeve and they will be sold as a special edition version in a black sleeve with a Bad Afro logo. This version will only be available at the BAD AFRO SHOP and when we attend record fairs. Like tomorrow at Nørrebrohallen in Copenhagen. Listen to the 12″ HERE

26.01.2015 – Spids Nøgenhat won two Steppeulven awards

Shit man, Spids Nøgenhat just won 2 x Steppeulven – the association of Danish reviewers at the big papers in Denmark just gave Spids Nøgenhat two awards for best live band of the year and best band of the year in 2014. Hell yeah!! Photo by Palle Demant.
spids-steppe 1

08.01.2015 – Updated tourdates

23.04.2015 – Baby Woodrose – DesertFest, Berlin
01.05.2015 – Spids Nøgenhat – Tivoli, Copenhagen
23.05.2015 – Baby Woodrose – Pitstop, Kolding
30.05.2015 – Baby Woodrose – Loppen, Copenhagen
12.06.2015 – Spids Nøgenhat – Northside Festival, Aarhus
28.06.2015 – Spids Nøgenhat – Tinderbox Festival, Odense
30.07-02.08.2015 – Telstar Sound Drone – Kildemose Festival, Nyborg
30.07-02.08.2015 – Baby Woodrose – Kildemose Festival, Nyborg
02.08.2015 – Baby Woodrose – Burg Herzberg Festival
10.10.2015 – Spids Nøgenhat – Oslo PsychFest, Oslo

18.12.2014 – Spids Nøgenhat to play at the Tinderbox Festival in June 2015

Spids Nøgenhat can confirm their second show in 2015 besides the NorthSide Festival. They will play at the Tinderbox Festival in Odense, Denmark. The concert will take place Friday the 28th of June. More shows to be announced later.

12.12.2014 – Baby Woodrose – Blows Your Mind LP back in stock

BW orangeThe 7th print of Blows Your Mind is now in stock and this time it’s on orange vinyl. Blows Your Mind is the classic debut album by Baby Woodrose originally released in 2001 on main man Lorenzo Woodrose´own label Pan Records. Lorenzo wrote the songs and played all the instruments himself and although the sound is more lo-fi than usual on a Baby Woodrose album the songs are among the best he ever wrote. Blows Your Mind was originally issued on vinyl on a Spanish label in 2001. There is believed to be 1500 copies in circulation and the album is now a much sought after collectors item going for insane prices on E-bay. Bad Afro decided to re-issue the LP in 2008 to make it available at a reasonable price. The Bad Afro version has been mastered by Jürgen Hendlmeier (the original version was never mastered) and is wrapped in a stunning gatefold sleeve with the original artwork by Malleus. Listen to the album HERE

09.11.2014 – And the Winner is….Spids Nøgenhat!

Spids Nøgenhat won a Danish Music Award for Best Danish album of the year and an award for best live act. Even though it’s a high-five from the corporate and mainstram part of the record business it’s great to see outsider rock being honoured.

14.10.2014 – Dolly Rocker & Telstar Sound Drone back in print on LP November 3rd

Telstar Sound Drone – Comedown LP (red vinyl)

Telstar sound drone - comedown 120The debut album by Telstar Sound Drone originally came out June 6h 2013 and contains a good mix of feedback-ridden psychedelic rock and slow heavy psych. From the blistering Evaporation to the shimmering Feels Like A Ride Telstar Sound Drone are not here to give you some easy listening. The band are currently working on their second album due to be released in the fall 2015 and is featuring members of Baby Woodrose, Spids Nøgenhat and Bite The Bullet. Limited to 500 copies on red vinyl. Listen to the full album right HERE

The Dolly Rocker Movement – Our Days Mind the Tyme LP (red vinyl)

Dolly-our days mind the tyme 120This is the third The Dolly Rocker Movement album and the only one that has been made on vinyl. It quickly sold out when it was released February 2nd 2010 and many people have asked for a reprint. Our Days Mind the Tyme owes it’s genesis to the psychedelic 60s, and the influence of Sky Saxon, Arthur Lee and Syd Barrett, yet sparkles as bright and fresh as the morning sun. DRM does not exist anymore but front man Daniel J Poulter is moving forward with his new project The Dandelion. Limited to 500 copies on red vinyl. Listen to the full album HERE

06.10.2014 – Watch the scary new video by The Janitors

01.10.2014 – Spids Nøgenhat nominated for 3 Grammys

It’s pretty far out but Spids Nøgenhat is nominated for 3 Danish Music Awards (the Danish Grammy) in 2014. Band of the year, live band of the year and their second album Kommer Med Fred is nominated as the best Danish album of the year. Danish Music Awards will be broadcastet on National tv station TV2 November 8th. Tickets and more info HERE

22.09.2014 – The Janitors 12″ out today! Have a listen to the full EP below

04.09.2014 – Flip your wig at the Bad Afro, gearbox AGENCY & Levitation party!

Kontor koncert flyerIn an apartment in Copenhagen behind the record store Repo Man recides the record labels Bad Afro Records and Levitation together with the booking agency gearbox AGENCY. One hot summer day we decided to do a concert together and present some of our new artists. This concert is now booked and will take place at Loppen in Copenhagen Saturday the 11th of October. Levitation presents Fribytterdrømme who soon will release their debut album, gearbox AGENCY has invited Tyrants & Kings who recently released their 3rd album called Run, March, Burn!, and Bad Afro presents The Janitors from Stockholm who will release the 12” EP Evil Doings Of An Evil Kind on the label September 22nd. Our hero and legendary broadcaster on Danish National Radio, Jan Sneum, will be spinning records before and between the bands. So bring on your dancing shoes and party with us at the best venue in Denmark! Facebook event HERE

01.09.2014 – The new The Janitors 12″ EP is up for pre-sale today

The janitors_Evil doings EP jpg 200Today the pre-sale of the Evil Doings Of An Evil Kind 12” EP by The Janitors begins both digitally and on vinyl. All customers will receive a free mp3 sample from the EP once they purchase it. If you order the 12” or any other LP/CD/Merch in the shop you will also receive a free Spids Nøgenhat – Kommer med Fred CD promo (made in a 1000 copies) + Bad Afro and Spids Nøgenhat stickers. Orders will be shipped September 18th so most people will receive it on the release date September 22nd. The 12” EP contains four mean tracks and clocks in at 23 minutes. The Janitors 12” EP is limited to 500 copies on black vinyl and is the second installment in the new series of 12” EPs on Bad Afro. Get your copy HERE

28.08.2014 – Baby Woodrose censored by iTunes

babywoodrose blows your mind 200Baby Woodrose censored on iTunes!! A couple of months ago a friend told me that a handful of Bad Afro albums including Blows Your Mind had dissapeared on iTunes. My aggregator tried all kinds of things to upload them again but it did not work. Finally today we got the message from iTunes that they think the artwork for Blows Your Mind is pornographic and thus it has been taken down and banned from iTunes after 10 years of being pornographic in the iTunes shop. It’s a strange world… I mean, how about all that horny R&B, twerking and what not….the cover to Blows Your Mind is a bloody drawing you idiots. It’s not the first time this artwork by Malleus has been censored. Back in the day when MySpace was the talk of the town they also banned it and took the cover down without warning.

18.08.2014 – New The Janitors single is online today

September 22nd The Janitors will release the 4-track 12” EP Evil Doings Of An Evil Kind and today Here They Come will be released as a digital single as a taste of what is coming up. Here They Come is the first The Janitors song with a political edge and comments on the rise of the rightwing in Europe and the coming election in Sweden September 14th. Have a listen below.

Evil Doings Of An Evil Kind is a collection of dark and noisy songs that are not aimed at the faint of heart. Almost all songs have a disturbing vibe as if you should not come too close risking a punch on the nose. On this EP The Janitors display a hypnotic, monotone and evil drone although the barbed wire fuzz rock often is infused by a melodic groove.

The Janitors 12” EP is limited to 500 copies on black vinyl and is the second installment in the new series of 12” EPs on Bad Afro. Pre-sale starts September 1st via the Bad Afro shop

09.08.2014 – Vinyl and the downfall of capitalism

Shit man, the vinyl world is going crazy. The pressing plants get more orders in than they can handle and production time including a test press is now 3-4 months. Even a reprint takes 30 working days when it used to take a couple of weeks. 35 working days if it’s coloured vinyl. Delay due to Record Store Day is now permanent! Please, no more Poul Simon re-issues, please. This is only going to get worse. What happened to supply and demand mister business suit?

04.08.2014 – Spids Nøgenhat show September 20th in Copenhagen sold out

The Spids Nøgenhat show in Den Grå Hal at Christania in Copenhagen September 20th is sold out. 1100 people I think. Woohoo! There is still tickets for the remaining shows in the fall including Gimle in Roskilde October 4th which is pretty close to Copenhagen.

16.07.2014 – Spids Nøgenhat live in Tivoli, Copenhagen

Two days before their show at the Roskilde festival Spids Nøgenhat appeared on the program Go* Morgen Danmark on National station TV2. It turned into a pretty cool live video of “Lolland Falster” although it was recorded very early in the morning.

09.07.2014 – Evil Doings Of An Evil Kind

the janitors Press photo 750The upcoming 12” EP with The Janitors from Stockholm is now set in production and now it also has a name: Evil Doings of an Evil Kind. The EP contains four songs with the following titles: Greed, Black Wheels, Here They Come and There Will Be Blood. Release date will be September 22nd just in time for their appearance at the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia. Here They Come has been chosen as the first single due to go online August 18th. It’s the first The Janitors song with a political edge and comments on the rise of the rightwing in Europe and the coming election in Sweden September 14th.

They have this statement which also has the support of Bad Afro: “Right Now Europe is experiencing a wave of political forces attempting to normalize fear, oppression and exclusion of people of other cultures, skin tone, sexual preference and in many cases other gender than their own. This band believes in equal right for everyone”.

Evil Doings of an Evil Kind is a collection of dark, fuzzy and sinister songs and are not aimed for the faint of heart. With upcoming releases by Narcosatanicos and Telstar Sound Drone maybe Bad Afro is taking a turn towards noise rock. Time will tell.

27.06.2014 – Narcosatanicos release 12” EP on Bad Afro Records

narcosatanicosBad Afro is happy to announce the release of a 12” EP with Narcosatanicos. The band released their self-titled debut album just recently on Mastermind and it is without a doubt the most interesting Danish release in 2014 so far. The EP on Bad Afro is due out in spring 2015 and we can’t wait to make your ears bleed. Narcosatanicos sounds a bit like if you accidently opened the gates to hell and was met by a wall of intense psychedelic noise rock made by Satan himself. It’s a sonic mindfuck fueled on bad acid, paranoia and distortion. Three guitars, bass, drums and a saxophone player who must have spent his entire life listening to Fun House by The Stooges makes up this chaotic band and yet there is reason to be found somewhere in this vicious attack on your senses.

Go see Narcosatanicos live if you get the chance – it’s quite overwhelming. They can be heard on a couple of the smaller Danish festivals during the summer including Kildemose Festival and Gutter Island.

16.06.2014 – Baby Woodrose returns to Germany

What will probably be the last Baby Woodrose shows in 2014 will take place in Germany. Burg Herzberg Festival in August and then 4 shows in November with support by Bite The Bullet. Main man Lorenzo Woodrose will also be playing shows in Denmark with the side project Spids Nøgenhat and then it’s time to record a new album as the follow up to Third Eye Surgery which was released in April 2012.

03.08.2014 – Baby Woodrose – Burg Herzberg Festival
19.11.2014 – Baby Woodrose – Berlin, Bassy Cowboy Club
20.11.2014 – Baby Woodrose – Mannheim, 7er
21.11.2014 – Baby Woodrose – Stuttgart, Goldmarks
22.11.2014 – Baby Woodrose – Essen, Panic Room

13.05.2014 – The Dandelion will release a second 12” EP on Bad Afro

Dandelion 300Bad Afro released the self-titled 12” EP by The Dandelion from Australia in February and can now announce that a second 12” EP will be out at the end of the year 2014. The upcoming 12” EP will include 3 songs just recently recorded and 3 songs taken from the super rare CD Strange Case of The Dandelion which the band released on their own in Australia last year (the first EP was also taken from this CD). Vinyl version will include a bonus song compared to the download version in shape of a cover of Driving Sideways. Here is I GOT ANOTHER LETTER for your pre-listening pleasure.

28.04.2014 – Limited edition of Dolly Rocker Movement LP for sale

Calling all fans of The Dolly Rocker Movement…..especially those who are looking for the rare and long out of print Our Days Mind The Tyme LP. We will be selling 15 copies exclusively through the Bad Afro webshop. This special edition is sold in a black jacket with a Bad Afro sticker and not in the original sleeve made by Kiryk. It will be sold at the same price as the other LPs in the shop and only 1 copy pr customer is available. Check it out HERE

11.04.2014 – Copenhagen Psych Fest is coming up

psych fest endelig line-up 500In two weeks the first Copenhagen Psych Fest will take place at Spillestedet Stengade. With 45 live bands on 3 stages in 3 days in a small venue it can only become an insane experience. Bad Afro will be represented by 3 bands: THE JANITORS from Stockholm will play their first show in Copenhagen. With ”Drone Head” The Janitors released one of the most interesting psych albums of 2013. In a time where psych bands seems to pop up everywhere “Drone Head” stood out with it’s dark, fuzzy and sinister vibe. The Janitors have often been compared to early The Jesus and Mary Chain, Spacemen 3 and Loop but they twist and turn their roots into a much more evil and disturbing drone. It’s noisy, monotone and simply brilliant! They will release a 4-track 12” on Bad Afro in September in connection with their appearance at the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia. LORENZO WOODROSE is a wellknown figure on the Danish psych scene. With a background in psych pioneers On Trial he has been boss in Baby Woodrose since 2001 and is frontman in Spids Nøgenhat who currently are doing very well in Denmark. At the Copenhagen Psych Fest Lorenzo will play one of his rare solo shows that usually are quite intense even though it’s acustic. TELSTAR SOUND DRONE released their debut LP on Bad Afro in June last year filled to the brim with feedback-ridden psychedelic rock as well as slow heavy psych. The band features an all-star line-up of Hans Beck and Mads Saaby from Baby Woodrose, Hobitten from Spids Nøgenhat, Christian Norup from Bite The Bullet and Sean Jardenbæk. Telstar Sound Drone are currently working on their second album to be released late 2014/early 2015. The festival will take place April 24th to 26th – get your tickets HERE

23.03.2014 – Open for sale – the new Bad Afro shop is finally ready

BW-lorenzo-bobler-palle 325The Bad Afro Bandcamp-based shop is finally open! At the moment you will find all available releases as well as the classic Bad Afro t-shirt. The plan is to have much more merch from bands like Spids Nøgenhat, Baby Woodrose and Telstar Sound Drone and special editions and rarities you will only find in the shop. Future pre-sales will also take place in the shop and it is the plan to stock plenty of releases which are close to being sold out or deleted so the shop will be the place to look if you have missed out on something and it’s hard to find elsewhere. The very last copies of Baby Woodrose – Light Up Your Mind 7”, Telstar Sound Drone – Comedown LP and The Setting Son – Before I Eat My Eyes & Ears LP are in stock now but will soon be gone. Check it out HERE Lorenzo Woodrose photo by Palle Demant.

15.03.2014 – New Baby Woodrose album out on Monday

On March 17th Baby Woodrose will release a compilation album of vinyl 7” b-sides and rarities collected from various releases from the past 13 years. Besides b-sides and split singles released on Bad Afro Records the album includes b-sides from singles released on Swedish, French, Norwegian and Greek record labels. It also includes a cover of “Beat City” by The Raveonettes.

You can listen to the full album below except for the Raveonettes cover.

Most of the songs were recorded by the original line-up of Lorenzo Woodrose (vocals/guitar), The Moody Guru (bass) and Fuzz Daddy (drums). That goes for the self-released debut 7” on Pan Records which originally was released in only 300 copies. The two songs – 6654321 and That’s How Strong My Love Is – comes from the very first studio session Baby Woodrose did as a band, only a few months after the release of the Blows Your Mind album which Lorenzo Woodrose released on his own.

The probably most interesting session included here is five songs recorded pretty much live in the Black Tornado studio during the making of the Chasing Rainbows album in late 2007. It was the last recording by the original line-up but the songs never made the album but ended up as b-sides instead. The first five songs on the album documents that session.

This collection of songs from the 14 7” singles Baby Woodrose have released so far is made for the fans who don’t collect vinyl singles or are not willing to fork over the cash for the often rare and expensive singles of which most are deleted years ago. First edition on LP is limited to a 1000 copies on black vinyl and is already sold out from the Bad Afro manor. A new edition on red vinyl is on the way. Photo by Magnus Cederlund.

05.03.2014 – Spids Nøgenhat has been booked for Roskilde Festival 2014

Today the Roskilde Festival announced that Spids Nøgenhat will be playing at the festival this summer. WooHoo! Check out the video teaser HERE