07.10.21 – Pre-sale of the Trip Hill album Ain’t Trip Ceremony begins today

Trip Hill is a one-man operation by Fabrizio Cecchi out of Florence, Italy. With a naïve approach to making music and inspiration from all over the world he is making his own homemade and original version of trippy psychedelia and krautrock. Fabrizio Cecchi played in various garage and psych rock bands in the early 90’s but by 1994 he set his own cause and started to work alone and in his own universe. Originally a bass-player he since taught himself guitar, drums, keyboards and various other instruments to be able to find his own way in making psychedelic music.

Ain’t Trip Ceremony is the latest output in a long string of experimental home productions recorded in his basement studio. Until recently it was only available on his Bandcamp and as a very cool limited edition CD-R with covers printed on thick cardboard with a special linograph technique. But now it gets the proper release on vinyl via Bad Afro Records that these recordings deserve. 1st print is limited to 500 copies on black vinyl. Pre-order HERE

24.09.2021 – New release out today: Trip Hill – Dropside single

Trip Hill is a one-man operation by Fabrizio Cecchi out of Florence, Italy. With a naïve approach to making music and inspiration from all over the world he is making his own homemade and original version of trippy psychedelia and krautrock. “Dropside” is the first single from the Ain’t Trip Ceremony album due out October 29th on Bad Afro Records. Listen on Spotify HERE or Bandcamp HERE

03.09.2021 – New Lydsyn video for Kat Ser Kat out today.

17.08.2021 – Lydsyn debut 7″ available for pre-sale

Lydsyn is Uffe Lorenzen (Baby Woodrose/Spids Nøgenhat) on guitar and vocals, Palle Demant (The Sledge) on bass and Jens Eyde on drums. The band was originally formed out of boredom due to Covid 19 lockdown and was meant as a backing band that would make it possible for Uffe Lorenzen to play songs from his three recent solo albums live. As several tours went down the drain and was postponed also due to Covid 19 the band kept on rehearsing and ended up making their own material. “Kat Ser Kat” is the debut single by Lydsyn and it was recorded, mixet and mastered in 14 hours by Flemming Rasmussen at the Sweet Silence studio in June 2021. Both “Kat Ser Kat” and the b-side “Abernes Planet” are exclusive to this single due out September 3rd. Pre-sale begins today HERE

09.08.2021 – Spids Nøgenhat back in stock soon

Pre-sale of the Spids Nøgenhat LP Kommer Med Fred begins today, August 9th. Limited to 500 copies on yellow vinyl. Release is August 27th and all pre-orders will be shipped August 23rd. The first 100 orders will include a free 50 x 70 cm Spids Nøgenhat 2014 tour poster. The poster is not a 100% mint (it’s been lying in a cellar) but about 90% mint condition. But hey – it’s free. The poster is folded. Pre-order HERE

25.03.2021 – Uffe Lorenzen & Lydsyn on tour in Denmark

Uffe Lorenzen has put together a new trio to perform songs from his solo albums and Spids Nøgenhat as a band. Besides Uffe Lorenzen the band consists of Palle Demant on bass and Jens Eyde on drums. Lorenzen got so bored during the summer of Corona that he found time to form a new band to be able to play his songs in an electric version as opposed to all his solo shows. The band has so far booked 14 shows in Denmark. The tour pans out like this:

20/aug En Sommerdag på Bellahøj, Copenhagen
27/aug Kun For Forrykte Festival, Stubbekøbing
03/sep Havmøllen, Ebeltoft
09/sep Gimle, Roskilde
10/sep MantziusLIVE, Birkerød
11/sep Paletten, Viborg
15/sep Posten, Odense
16/sep VoxHall, Aarhus
17/sep Studenterhuset Aalborg
18/sep Tobakken, Esbjerg
23/sep Tobaksgaarden, Assens
24/sep Richters, Søborg
25/sep Fermaten, Herning
02/oct Store Vega, Copenhagen

28.08.2020 – New Uffe Lorenzen single/video out today

The new Uffe Lorenzen single ‘Caminoen’ is released today. The video is made by Palle Demant who also did the dokumentary Born To Lose about Lorenzo Woodrose.

17.08.2020 – The pre-sale of the new Uffe Lorenzen album Magisk Realisme begins today

Uffe Lorenzen (alias Lorenzo Woodrose) is the frontman of Baby Woodrose and Spids Nøgenhat but for the past couple of years he has been recording and performing under his own name and been singing in Danish. His new album is called Magisk Realisme and is released September 11th on Bad Afro Records.

Magisk Realisme is his third solo album in four years (Galmandsværk 2017 / Triprapport 2019) but in contrast to the first two albums which was mostly acoustic and had a 12-string guitar as the main instrument, the new album is a ROCK album. Uffe Lorenzen has been missing that side of his songwriting and several of the new songs sounds a bit like Baby Woodrose in Danish while others have the laidback psychedelic feeling of the Danish Grammy-winning band Spids Nøgenhat. Lorenzen plays all instruments himself besides an occasional pedal steel guitar, cello and trumpet.

The 10 songs on Magisk Realisme was written in a period of time when Uffe Lorenzen did not have a steady place to live. With help from friends he was staying in 9 different apartments in a short time during the summer of 2019. This rootless way of living reflects in the songs that are written in various parts of Copenhagen. The album also deals with loneliness and the feeling of being a bit lost even though you are living in a big city with lots of people surrounding you.

Magisk Realisme is produced by Uffe Lorenzen and Anders Onsberg in the great STC studios in Copenhagen in the spring 2020. It is mastered by Flemming Rasmussen at Sweet Silence. The vinyl version comes in a neat gatefold cover and the first print on black vinyl is limited to a 1000 copies. Order HERE

15.05.2020. – New The Love Coffin video released today

Stripped Down is the third and final single By The Love Coffin from their new album Second Skin. The song is now out on all digital platforms but you gotta check out this cool video. Yasser Yassin is director of photography / editor, Steffan Rimmer is producer and Yasmin Elisabeth Sundoo is the beautiful actor.

08.05.2020 – New Uffe Lorenzen single out today

Lad Det Gå is the first single taken from the upcoming Uffe Lorenzen album Magisk Realisme which is due for release in September 2020. Magisk Realisme is the third Uffe Lorenzen solo album in 4 years (Galmandsværk 2017, Triprapport 2019) and unlike the two first albums that were mostly acoustic the new one is a rock album. Some of the songs clearly have a Baby Woodrose vibe while others could be compared to Spids Nøgenhat. And there will be a few surprises going in other directions as well. Lad det Gå belongs to the Baby Woodrose school of songs. A melodic garage rock song with a good hook and a positive message that gives hope in the difficult times we are all living in at the moment.The video for Lad Det Gå is directed by Palle Demant. It was shot in a deserted Tivoli in Copenhagen last week.

24.04.20. – The new The Love Coffin album is released today

In the past couple of years Copenhagen-based five-piece group, The Love Coffin, has established themselves as one of the most noteworthy and potent acts on the Danish rock scene. The debut album Cloudlands from 2018 showcased their potential and with their new album dubbed Second Skin due for release April 24th 2020 the band sounds like they are ready to take everything to a new level.

Second Skin is produced by the band’s guitar player Kristian Alexander Pedersen and English producer Guy Fixen whose prior work includes collaborations with Pixies, Stereolab, Breeders and Slowdive as well as releases on legendary record labels such as Creation, 4AD and Beggars Banquet. Guy Fixen spent a few weeks in Copenhagen working in the studio which turned out to be a wise move as the new songs are shining brightly and sounds better than ever before.

The Love Coffin has a unique sound that captivates the listener with enticing intensity and contagious energy. The 10 songs included on Second Skin are quite diverse ranging from the sonic blast of “Seasick” to the haunting opening song “Stripped Down” while “A Shrinking Thing” is melodic and optimistic. But the most remarkable thing about the band is Jonatan K. Magnussen’s wildly intimate, volcanic vocals and the cinematic expansiveness of the sonic imagery his bandmates conjure around him.

One of The Love Coffin’s main assets has always been their passion. That has been proven numerous times at their acclaimed live shows and the very same intensity and nerve can be heard on Second Skin, where the band also discovers new sides of themselves. Listen on Spotify HERE or Bandcamp HERE

18.03.20 – Pre-order The Love Coffin – Second Skin LP

The new The Love Coffin album Second Skin will be released April 24th on Bad Afro Records and Third Coming Records from France. First print is limited to 500 copies on black vinyl. Pre-sale begins today and all orders will be shipped April 20th. Order HERE

20.01.20 – New The Love Coffin album and show at Loppen

In the past couple of years Copenhagen-based five-piece group, The Love Coffin, has established themselves as one of the most noteworthy and potent acts on the Danish rock scene. The debut album Cloudlands from 2018 showcased their potential and with their new album dubbed Second Skin due for release April 24th 2020 the band sounds like they are ready to take everything to a new level. The Love Coffin will play a release show at Loppen in Copenhagen a few weeks later on May 23rd. The tickets are on sale HERE

Second Skin is produced by the band’s guitar player Kristian Alexander Pedersen and English producer Guy Fixen whose prior work includes collaborations with Pixies, Stereolab, Breeders and Slowdive as well as releases on legendary record labels such as Creation, 4AD and Beggars Banquet. Guy Fixen spent a few weeks in Copenhagen working in the studio which turned out to be a wise move as the new songs are shining brightly and sounds better than ever before.

05.10.19. – New The Love Coffin video for Nothing At All

27.09.2019. – New The Love Coffin single Nothing At All out today

In the past couple of years Copenhagen-based five-piece group, The Love Coffin, has established themselves as one of the most noteworthy and potent acts on the Danish rock scene. It started with the release of EP’s Veranda (2015) and Buffalo Thunder (2016) and continued in 2018 with the critically acclaimed debut album Cloudlands on which the band continued to unfold and explore their signature sound marked by melodic shoegaze-hooks, gloomy atmospheres and epic soundscapes of biting noise rock.
Now the darksome rock outfit is announcing the release of the new single “Nothing at All” from a forthcoming album on Bad Afro Records, the label also responsible for Cloudlands. “Nothing at All” is produced by the band’s guitar player Kristian Alexander Pedersen and English producer Guy Fixen whose prior work includes collaborations with Pixies, My Bloody Valentine, Breeders and Slowdive as well as releases on legendary record labels such as Creation, 4D and Beggars Banquet.
“Nothing at All” finds The Love Coffin soaring in an either of lonesome Americana-vibes. The song is driven forward by a well-placed string section and the haunting harmonica creates an intriguing yet sinister mood along with the acoustic guitar phrases and lead singer Jonathan K. Magnussen’s expressive vocals.
One of The Love Coffin’s main assets has always been their passion. That has been proven numerous times at their acclaimed live shows and the very same intensity and nerve can be heard on “Nothing at All”, where the band also discovers new sides of themselves. Listen on Spotify, Apple etc. HERE or on Bandcamp

27.08.19 – The Love Coffin on tour in Denmark

The Love Coffin will be playing five shows in Denmark in November. They are currently in the mixing phase of their next album so you can expect some new songs as well as the best of the old stuff. Probably also the coming single “Nothing At All” released September 27th. European shows to be announced soon. Paris, London, Berlin and more.

15.11 – Spillestedet Harders, Svendborg (event)
16.11 – Hotel Cecil, Copenhagen (event)
28.11 – Musikhuset Posten, Odense (event)
29.11 – Studenterhuset, Aalborg + Narcosatanicos (event)
30.11 – TAPE, Aarhus (event)

27.06.2019 – Baby Woodrose – Dropout! re-issued on LP Sep. 6th

For the first time in 15 years Dropout! by Baby Woodrose will be available on vinyl again on Bad Afro Records. The album has been remastered by Flemming Rasmussen at Sweet Silence and is limited to 500 copies on green vinyl. It contains 10 covers where Baby Woodrose pay homage to both obscure and more well-known bands who have influenced them when writing their own songs. Pre-sale begins in August.

Some of the liner notes explains the origins of the album:”As much as we love playing a few of our favourite songs by obscure sixties garage bands when we play live, we also think our albums should reflect the creativity of our own originals, so the four covers we did when we recorded our Money For Soul album in October 2002, quickly ended up collecting dust in the Bad Afro vaults. We also recorded six more about a year later while doing some demos for our next album and eventually agreed to collect all those covers on this fine little release”.

Track List:

Can’t Explain (Love)
I Lost You In My Mind (The Painted Faces)
Who’s It Gonna Be (The Lollipop Shoppe)
I Don’t Ever Want To Come Down (The 13th Floor Elevators)
The World Ain’t Round, It’s Square (The Savages)
Dropout Boogie (Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band)
I’m Going Home (The Sonics)
This Perfect Day (The Saints)
Not Right (The Stooges)
A Child Of A Few Hours (The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band)

19.06.2019 – Uffe Lorenzen on tour in Denmark and Norway

Uffe Lorenzen will be touring in Denmark and Norway to support the new album Triprapport. The tour is called Tålt Ophold Tour 2019.

05.09 – Bygningen, Vejle (pre-sale)
06.09 – Dexter, Odense (pre-sale)
07.09 – Paletten, Viborg (pre-sale)
12.09 – Baltoppen, Ballerup (pre-sale)
13.09 – Støberihallen, Hillerød (pre-sale)
14.09 – Gimle, Roskilde (pre-sale)
19.10 – Stars, Vordingborg
20.09 – Sønderborghus, Sønderborg (pre-sale)
21.09 – Templet, Lyngby (pre-sale)
26.09 – Tøjhuset, Fredericia
27.09 – Glumsø Biograf og Kulturhus, Glumsø
28.09 – Kulisselageret, Horsens (pre-sale)
03.10 – Kunsthal6100, Haderslev (pre-sale)
04.10 – Studenterhuset, Aalborg (pre-sale)
05.10 – Hanstholm Madbar, Thy (pre-sale)
10.10 – John Dee, Oslo (N) (pre-sale)
11.10 – Statsraaden, Bergen (N)
12.10 – Folken – Akvariet, Stavanger (N) (pre-sale)
17.10 – Radar, Aarhus (pre-sale)
20.10 – Hotel Cecil, Copenhagen (sold out)
25.10 – KulturCosmos, Viby Sjælland (pre-sale)
26.10 – Harders, Svendborg (pre-sale)
27.10 – Hotel Cecil, Copenhagen (pre-sale)
31.10 – Boxer, Trondheim (N) (pre-sale)
01.11 – Blå Rock, Tromsø (N)

10.05.19. – Uffe Lorenzen solo album released today

Finally the second Uffe Lorenzen solo album is released today. Triprapport is available on many streaming devices like Yousee, Telmore, Spotify, Apple etc. HERE. If you are not into streaming go to the Bad Afro Records bandcamp shop for free listening HERE. The first print on black vinyl limited to 1500 copies is still available in the shop. Second print on red vinyl is coming soon.

21.03.2019 – Pre-order Uffe Lorenzen – Triprapport LP/CD

The new Uffe Lorenzen album is available for pre-sale today via Bad Afro Records. The first 200 who buy a LP or CD will get a free 60 x 40 cm b/w Uffe Lorenzen poster. The motive is the original photo that was used on the front cover of his previous album Galmandsværk taken by Zarko Ivetic. The poster is folded. The 1st print of the LP is limited to 1500 copies on black vinyl. All pre-orders will be shipped May 6th. Order HERE

07.03.2019 – New Uffe Lorenzen video

New Uffe Lorenzen video for the “Alting Er Eet” single which is taken from the Triprapport album due out May 10th on Bad Afro Records. The song will be available on Spotify, Apple etc. tomorrow morning. The video is on 33 1/3 rpm and was made by Palle Demant who also did the Born To Lose documentary about Uffe a few years back. It was made in Uffe Lorenzens apartment.

09.01.2019 – Head Entrance available for pre-sale

The On Trial album Head Entrance is now available for pre-sale in the Bad Afro shop. Get it HERE

12.12.2018 – Head Entrance to be re-issued on vinyl

Finally this album will be available again. Originally released in 1997 on Helicopter Records in approx. 400 copies Head Entrance has long been one of the most hard to get On Trial releases. Just check Discogs.

Formed in 1986 On Trial was an important part of the Danish acid rock, garage and stoner rock scene and Head Entrance was the first album in a trio of their best work. New Day Rising followed in 1999 and Blinded By The Sun in 2002. Later on members of On Trial spawned acts such as Baby Woodrose, Spids Nøgenhat and Dragontears.

Head Entrance was recorded strictly analogue on an 8-track machine in the rehearsal-room of On Trial in 1996 and the music has been transferred from the original mix tapes in 2018 by Anders Onsberg and remastered for vinyl by Flemming Rasmussen at Sweet Silence. This re-issue comes in a neat gatefold sleeve with an insert and first print is limited to 500 copies on black vinyl.

09.12.2018 – The Dandelion will tour in Europe for the first time

The first The Dandelion tour in Europe is taking shape now in April 2019. More dates will be announced soon. We never managed to get The Dolly Rocker Movement to Europe so I am glad it will happen to The Dandelion. They have a new 7″out on French label Six Tonnes De Chair Records and a new album out soon on Blackspin Records

03.04.19. – The Dandelion – Supersonic, Paris
05.04.19. – The Dandelion – Barcelona Psych Fest
07.04.19. – The Dandelion – Sabotage, Lisbon
10.04.19. – The Dandelion – TBA, Thessaloniki
11.04.19. – The Dandelion – TBA, Arta
12.04.19. – The Dandelion – TBA, Athens
16.04.19. – The Dandelion – Broadcast, Glasgow
18.04.19. – The Dandelion – Bulle Café, Lille
19.04.19. – The Dandelion – Cafe Den Tip, Vorselaar
20.04.19. – The Dandelion – Motel Mozaique, Rotterdam
24.04.19. – The Dandelion – Fluc, Vienna
25.04.19. – The Dandelion – K-Set, Zagreb
26.04.19. – The Dandelion – Import Export, Munchen
27.04.19. – The Dandelion – Urban Spree, Berlin

06.11.2018 – New Uffe Lorenzen album in the making

Uffe Lorenzen is recording a new album at the moment in the STC studio in Copenhagen. The lyrics are still in Danish and probably more trippy than political this time. I have not heard the music yet but we hope to have the album out in the spring 2019. Stay tuned.

28.09.2018 – Debut album by The Love Coffin released today

The debut album by The Love Coffin is finally out today. Have a listen to the full album on Bandcamp HERE or on Spotify, Apple or Tidal HERE

09.09.2018 – Take Good Care Of Me – new single/video by The Love Coffin

04.09.2018 – Pre-order Cloudlands by The Love Coffin

You can now pre-order the debut album Cloudlands by The Love Coffin. 1st pressing is limited to a 1000 copies on black vinyl. The first 50 customers will receive an original photo from the collage inside the gatefold sleeve. All pre-orders are shipped out September 24th so most people will receive it on the release date September 28th. Get you copy HERE

27.08.2018 – New The Love Coffin single coming up

The Love Coffin will release a new online single September 7th called Take Good Care Of Me. The song is taken from their upcoming debut album Cloudlands due for release September 28th.

25.05.2018 – The Love Coffin release new single today

lovecoffin_pure_final_3000x3000_1mbAfter two promising EPs, ‘Veranda’ (2015) og ‘Buffalo Thunder’ (2016), the Copenhagen-based rock quintet The Love Coffin is finally ready with the debut album ‘Cloudlands’, which will be released September 28th on Bad Afro Records.

‘Pure’ is the first single and a song that clearly shows a band with a unique sound that captivates the listener with enticing intensity and contagious energy. An acoustic rhythm guitar creates the percussive drive and together with the explosions of the electric guitars form the perfect sonic frame for Jonatan Magnussen’s theathrical vocals – steeped in personality and character.

In other words: it is written with flaming letters that The Love Coffin mean business with equal flaming passion. A band that truly brings ferocious bite onto the Danish music scene, as evident on this single that showcases the potential as well as sets the expectations for the bands upcoming debut album. An album definitely worth waiting for! You can listen on Spotify, Apple and Tidal HERE or in the Bad Afro shop HERE. Or simply watch the video made by Palle Demant.

03.05.2018 – On Trial – New Day Rising pre-sale begins today

ontrial_ndr_3000x3000_1mbRe-issue of this classic On Trial LP originally released in 2000 on Delerium. Some would argue that New Day Rising was the best album the band ever did and for many years it has been very hard to find on vinyl. This re-issue of New Day Rising is a split release between our friends and UK label Cardinal Fuzz and Bad Afro Records and is limited to 350 copies on black vinyl. 140 copies will be sold through the Bad Afro Bandcamp shop. It has been remastered for vinyl by Chris Hardman and is featuring the original artwork by Dan Abbot. No copies will be available in the record shops. Pre-order begins today. All pre-orders are shipped on the release date May 18th. Get your copy HERE

22.02.2018 – The Love Coffin will release debut album on Bad Afro

The Love Coffin from Copenhagen will join the ranks of the Bad Afro artists. Their yet untitled debut album will be released in September. So far they have released two 12″ EPs and the first single from the upcoming album is expected in May. Until then listen to their latest single New Morning Light.

01.02.2018 – Blows Your Mind and Third Eye Surgery back in stock March 16th

babywoodrose blows your mind 250Baby Woodrose – Blows Your Mind
Re-issue of the classic Baby Woodrose debut album limited to 500 copies on yellow vinyl. Baby Woodrose was at the time in reality a one-man operation by Lorenzo Woodrose who wrote the songs, played all the instruments, produced the record together with Riky Woodrose and put it out on his own Pan Records in 2001 on CD while Animal Records in Spain did the vinyl version.
Blows Your Mind is still one of the most popular Baby Woodrose records and in 2009 Bad Afro re-issued the album for the first time since the price of the album at that point had gone through the roof and was sold for around 200 Euro. Blows Your Mind is more obscure, psych and lo-fi than the newer stuff but the songs are every bit as cool! Presented in a daring sleeve by the internationally known artist collective Malleus sure to raise an eyebrow or two.


Baby Woodrose – Third Eye Surgery
Re-issue of the 6th Baby Woodrose album ‘Third Eye Surgery’ originally released in April 2012 on Bad Afro Records. Limited to 500 copies on orange vinyl. All Baby Woodrose albums have a different vibe and with ‘Third Eye Surgery’ they have made their space rock album. For the first time Lorenzo Woodrose integrate the heavy psych of his side projects Dragontears and Spids Nøgenhat with the fine song writing of Baby Woodrose.

No matter how much the fuzz guitar is wailing or the echo machine is tripping, there’s always a good song hiding beneath the rumble. Several songs clocks in at six minutes so there are only 9 of them on ‘Third Eye Surgery’. Songs like “Nothing is Real” and “Love Like a Flower” have an Eastern flavour thanks to the sitar of Vicki Singh while “Just a Ride” sounds like a trip to India in more than one way.

Even though the central songs on ‘Third Eye Surgery’ like “Waiting for the War”, “Bullshit Detector” and the title song are very spaced out there are also a few songs that stick out. “Dandelion” is a sweet and melancholic psychedelic pop song and is also a duet with Emma Acs while “Honalie” is a dreamy ballad that makes time stand still. Almost.

‘Third Eye Surgery’ has been recorded in the Black Tornado studio in Copenhagen and is engineered by Anders Onsberg and produced by Lorenzo Woodrose. The artwork is made by German artist Kiryk Drewinski.

29.11.2017 – Uffe Lorenzen live in Denmark, Sweden and Norway

03.03.18 – Bygningen, Vejle (Pre-sale)
09.03.18 – Fermaten, Herning (pre-sale)
10.03.18 – Templet, Lyngby (Pre-sale)
16.03.18 – Folk og rock, Malmø (S) (Pre-sale)
23.03.18 – Klaverfabrikken, Hillerød (Pre-sale)
24.03.18 – Kulisselageret, Horsens (Pre-sale)
28.03.18 – Dexter, Odense (Pre_sale)
30.03.18 – Paletten, Viborg (Pre-sale)
31.03.18 – Atlas, Aarhus (Pre-sale)
06.04.18 – Tøjhuset, Fredericia (Pre-sale)
07.04.18 – Haarders, Svendborg (Pre-sale)
13.04.18 – Gimle, Roskilde (pre-sale)
14.04.18 – Stars, Vordingborg
19.04.18 – Blå Rock, Tromsø (NO) (Pre-sale)
20.04.18 – Landmark, Bergen (NO) (Pre-sale)
21.04.18 – Last Train, Oslo (NO) (sold out)
22.04.18 – Last Train, Oslo (NO) (2nd show)
27.04.18 – Bremen, Copenhagen (Pre-sale)
28.04.18 – Studenterhuset, Aalborg (Pre-sale)
05.05.18 – Sønderborghus, Sønderborg (Pre-sale)
12.05.18 – Muzikhuset, Rønne
26.05.18 – Uffe Lorenzen – Jelling Musikfestival, Jelling
24.08.28 – Uffe Lorenzen – En Sommerdag på Bellahøj, Copenhagen

10.11.2017 – Uffe Lorenzens Galmandsværk album released today

The new Uffe Lorenzen solo album is finally out today. Listen on Spotify, Apple, Tidal etc. HERE or at Bandcamp HERE

27.10.2017 – Dansker – New Uffe Lorenzen single out today

18.10.2017 – Order your copy of Uffe Lorenzen – Galmandsværk today

The pre-sale begins today at the Bad Afro Records shop. There are a 100 copies available of the first print on black vinyl and unlimited (almost) copies of the second print on red vinyl. And CDs too. Pre-sale ends 5/11 and all orders are shipped 6/11. Order HERE

08.09.2017 – New single from Uffe Lorenzen (Lorenzo Woodrose)

uffe flippertøs coverUffe Lorenzen is the frontman of Baby Woodrose and Spids Nøgenhat but from now on he will be recording and performing under his own name and be singing in Danish. The first result is the new solo album Galmandsværk (loosely translates to “act of madness”) that was conceived during a vacation on the island Gomera near the coast of Marocco where Uffe Lorenzen stayed in a small room doing nothing but writing new songs.

“Flippertøs” (Hippie Chick) is the first single from Galmandsværk. While the rest of the album sounds as if Baby Woodrose, Spids Nøgenhat and Dragontears merged and turned into something new, “Flippertøs” stands out as the most traditional pop song on the record.

Uffe Lorenzen: “Flippertøs was an attempt to write about all the things I missed about being home in Copenhagen, meanwhile sitting all alone, staring at the ocean and playing my guitar on a small volcanic island for 10 weeks. The lyric ended up namedropping a lot of my favourite places in Copenhagen, like Loppen, Floss, Kronborggade, Lygtens Kro, etc.. I guess it is a song about longing on many levels, but there is also a bit of social criticism in it. MAYBE the hippie chick in the song IS Copenhagen?”

“Flippertøs” will be available digitally September 8th. Galmandsværk will be released November 10th on LP/CD and digital. Listen to Flippertøs right HERE or watch the video HERE

15.08.2017 – Goodbye Lorenzo Woodrose … hello Uffe Lorenzen

Uffe Lorenzen (alias Lorenzo Woodrose) will release his first solo album in his own name November 10th on Bad Afro Records. The album is called Galmandsværk and contains 10 songs in Danish. Uffe Lorenzen will play a few solo shows in November:

15.11.17: Musikhus Dexter, Odense (pre-sale)
16.11.17: Studenterhuset, Aalborg (pre-sale)
24.11.17: Loppen, Copenhagen (Sold Out)
25.11.17: Atlas, Aarhus (pre-sale)

04.07.2017 – New Baby Woodrose video from Roskilde Festival

Reality is the first song on the Freedom album and it now has a live video. Footage is from 3 days ago when the band played at the Roskilde Festival. The video is filmed by Palle Demant who also did the Lorenzo Woodrose documentary called Born To Lose.

19.06.2017 – Lorenzo Woodrose vs. Roskilde Festival

bw-jubi 3Lorenzo Woodrose will be playing shows with Baby Woodrose and as a solo artist next week at Roskilde Festival it will be his 10th appearance at the festival. Baby Woodrose will be playing at Avalon July 1st at 24.00. The Lorenzo Woodrose solo show will consist of the new songs in Danish he wrote on a recent trip to the Spanish island Gomera and a few Spids Nøgenhat songs. Gloria stage Thursday June 29th at 12.30.

Lorenzo Woodrose shows at Roskilde: On Trial – 1998, On Trial – 1999, Baby Woodrose – 2002, Baby Woodrose – 2003, Baby Woodrose – 2004, Dragontears – 2009, Spids Nøgenhat – 2011, Spids Nøgenhat – 2014, Lorenzo Woodrose solo – 2017, Baby Woodrose – 2017.

15.05.2017 – Bad Afro vs. coloured vinyl

Blows i farver 500Did you know you can tell which print of a certain Bad Afro Records LP you own or are likely to purchase? Black vinyl is the first print, red vinyl is second print, green vinyl is third print, purple vinyl is 4th print, blue vinyl is 5th, white vinyl is 6th, orange is 7th and clear vinyl is 8th print.

Of cource there has been some fuck ups along the way like the Baby Woodrose LP Money For Soul which has been printed at least 4 times on black vinyl but only recently has been printed on coloured vinyl. But general rule is black, red, green, purple, blue, white, orange and then clear vinyl. Blows Your Mind by Baby Woodrose is so far the only album printed on clear vinyl.

13.04.2017 – New Baby Woodrose re-issues out May 5th

Baby Woodrose – Love Comes Down LP

Re-issue of the third Baby Woodrose album originally released in 2006. Love Comes Down has a good mix of garagerock stompers and more melancholic songs and the sound is slightly more polished than on the two first albums. Limited to 500 copies on purple vinyl.

Baby Woodrose – Baby Woodrose LP

Re-issue of the 5th Baby Woodrose album originally released in 2009. The self-titled album was the first album released after the first incarnation of the band broke up and Lorenzo Woodrose carried on alone. A very varied album including the broken Kinks riff in “No Mas” that sounds like a punch in the face to the epic ballad “Countdown To Breakdown”. Limited to 500 copies on purple vinyl.

05.04.2017 – Baby Woodrose returns to Roskilde Fesival

Bad Afro Records is happy to announce that Baby Woodrose will be playing at Roskilde Festival 2017. In addition, Lorenzo Woodrose will also play a solo show
at the festival this year. The story about Baby Woodrose vs. Roskilde Festival is that they played on the camping stage (now called Rising) in 2002, then elevated to opening the main Orange stage in 2003 and closing the same stage in 2004. All the band ever wanted was to play one of the “smaller” stages at the festival and it will finally happen this summer. Oh yes!

08.03.2017 – Narcosatanicos shows in the spring 2017

26.04.2017 – Narcosatanicos – XB Liebig, Berlin
27.04.2017 – Narcosatanicos – tba, Prague
28.04.2017 – Narcosatanicos – Chmury, Warsaw
29.04.2017 – Narcosatanicos – tba, Poznan
11.05.2017 – Narcosatanicos – Worm, Rotterdam
12.05.2017 – Narcosatanicos – Hall of Fame, Tilburg
13.05.2017 – Narcosatanicos – Vera, Groningen

26.01.2017 – Money For Soul back in stock February 17th.

Re-issue of the second Baby Woodrose album originally released in 2003. On Money For Soul Baby Woodrose created a unique sound that took them to the 60′s and back leaving the music being influenced by many shades of rock’n’roll and psych but played with heartfelt punk attitude. The album contains their biggest hit so far; Everything’s Gonna Be Alright. Artwork by Malleus. Limited to 500 copies on green vinyl. You can listen/pre-order HERE

08.01.2017 – Baby Woodrose live on National TV

Last Friday Baby Woodrose played four live songs on Danish tv station DR3 as part of P6Beat Rocker Koncerthuset. They played Reality, Open Doors and the titletrack from the new album Freedom as well as Child Of A Few Hours which you can watch below.

15.12.2016 – Baby Woodrose re-issues coming up

Baby Woodrose – Money For Soul 2502016 was a busy year with new releases by Telstar Sound Drone, Bellhound Choir, Baby Woodrose and Narcosatanicos as well as the Bad Afro anniversary in November. So now it is time for a small break and 2017 will be quite different for Bad Afro. Instead of new releases time will be spent on doing re-issues of vinyl from the Bad Afro vaults. Fans of Baby Woodrose will be in for a treat. Third Eye Surgery and Chasing Rainbows were re-issued on LP in 2016 and in January 2017 Blows Your Mind will be back in stock. Money for Soul is coming in March and Love Comes Down and “S/T” will be back on vinyl in May. And maybe it’s time to get some of those Dragontears LP’s back in print. We’ll see.

27.10.2016 – Listen to the new Narcosatanicos album

It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine is streaming the new Narcosatanicos album Body Cults today. You can listen to the full album HERE

29.09.2016 – New single/video from Narcosatanicos

The new Narcosatanicos single Vile is released on Spotify etc. today. It’s taken from the album Body Cults due out November 4th. on Bad Afro Records. The video for Vile is made by Per Silkjær (Fossils / Double Space).

28.09.2016 – Baby Woodrose is # 1

The new Baby Woodrose album Freedom on Bad Afro Records is # 1 on the official chart for vinyl sale in Denmark this week. Check it out HERE

16.09.2016 – Freedom is released today

The new Baby Woodrose album Freedom is released today. You can listen to the full album for free HERE

23.08.2016 – New Baby Woodrose video for 21st Century Slave

21st Century Slave is the second single/video from the new Baby Woodrose album Freedom. It introduces the modern slave song. Watch the video below made by Palle Demant who also made the documentary Born To Lose about Lorenzo Woodrose last year.

16.08.2016 – Pre-order the new Baby Woodrose album Freedom

bw_freedom_1000x1000pxThe pre-sale of the new Baby Woodrose album Freedom begins today. It is possible to pre-order the album on LP/CD including the Breaking The Spell/ESP 7” vinyl that otherwise will not be for sale in any shops or available as streaming. The two songs on the 7″ are exclusive.

First print of the Freedom LP on black vinyl and is now sold out at bandcamp. Second print on red vinyl is now available. The 7” is only for sale in the Bad Afro bandcamp shop and is only available when it is purchased together with Freedom LP or CD. The Breaking The Spell 7” is not sold separately and will not be available when pre-sale ends September 11th. Records bought in pre-sale will be shipped September 12th. Get it HERE

08.08.2016 – Lorenzo Woodrose solo shows

Lorenzo Woodrose will be playing a few solo shows in the coming months:

20.08.2016 – “En Sommerdag på Bellahøj”, Copenhagen
20.08.2016 – Rolling Stones tribute, Den Grå Hal, Copenhagen
17.09.2016 – KU:BE, Frederiksberg (Golden Days)
28.09.2016 – Kolding Bibliotek
30.11.2016 – Vejle Kunstmuseum

16.06.2016 – New Baby Woodrose video

New Baby Woodrose single/video! The song is called Open Doors and is taken from the album Freedom due out September 16th on Bad Afro Records. Open Doors is released digitally on Spotify etc. today. Video by Palle Demant who did the Born To Lose documentary about Lorenzo Woodrose.

08.06.2016 – Bad Afro anniversary party!

BA_JUBI_eflyer_120 years of Pushing Scandinavian Rock to the Man! have gone by. Bad Afro Records is no longer a teenager and the anniversary party will take place at Musikloppen at Christania in Copenhagen November 5th. BABY WOODROSE, NARCOSATANICOS and TELSTAR SOUND DRONE are on the bill. Instead of looking back focus will be on the present artists on Bad Afro and all three bands have releases out in 2016. The second Telstar Sound Drone album Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles came out in March, the new Baby Woodrose album Freedom is released September 16th while Narcosatanicos will release their first album on Bad Afro November 4th. Narcosatanicos will play a full set since the night will also be the release party for the new album in Copenhagen. There will be 200 free beers when Loppen opens at 21.00. The first 100 guests will receive a free Baby Woodrose vinyl 7” including the two exclusive tracks Breaking The Spell and ESP. This single will not be available in any record shops or as streaming and will no doubt end up being collectable. Pre-sale tickets are available HERE

20.05.2016 – Bellhound Choir album released today

The Bellhound Choir album Imagine The Crackle is out today on LP (including a CD) and as download/streaming. You can listen to the full album below.

10.05.2016 – Bellhound Choir: New album and European tour with John Garcia

Bellhound Choir. Foto - Tómás GislasonThe debut album by Bellhound Choir called Imagine The Crackle will be released next week (May 20th – pre-order HERE). Bellhound Choir has a preference for the blues but there is nothing nostalgic about the music. It’s very here and now and is mixed up with alternative folk that is both gloomy and melancholic. Main man Christian Hede Madsen has a past in the Danish stoner rock band Pet The Preacher which also shines through in the music and all together it ends up sounding like some sort of Scandinavian blues noir. The album has has a dark soul and sometimes it sounds like judgment day is just around the corner.

In December last year Bellhound Choir supported John Garcia (ex-Kyuss) on his European solo tour and it went so well that they will do another round of shows in Europe beginning in Hamburg May 18th. As Bellhound is on tour on the day of release of the album there will be no release party this time around.

18.05.2016 – John Garcia + Bellhound Choir – Klubsen, Hamburg
19.05.2016 – John Garcia + Bellhound Choir – Sputnik, Münster
20.05.2016 – John Garcia + Bellhound Choir – Badehaus, Berlin
21.05.2016 – John Garcia + Bellhound Choir – Alte Brauerei, Annaberg
22.05.2016 – John Garcia + Bellhound Choir – Viper Room, Vienna
24.05.2016 – John Garcia + Bellhound Choir – Vintage Bar, Zagreb
25.05.2016 – John Garcia + Bellhound Choir– Sudwerk, Bolzano
26.05.2016 – John Garcia + Bellhound Choir – Sedel, Luzern
27.05.2016 – John Garcia + Bellhound Choir – Schlachthof, Wiesbaden
28.05.2016 – John Garcia + Bellhound Choir – Patronaat, Haarlem

28.04.2016 – Baby Woodrose – New album and shows in Denmark

bw 9. 600 jpgBaby Woodrose will play a few shows in Denmark shortly after the release of their new album Freedom due out September 16th on Bad Afro. One cool thing about Freedom is that it is 100% analogue – the music on the vinyl version has never been near a computer. It’s all on tape. Just like in the old days.
The band has promised to play quite a few songs from the new album at the following shows. Pre-sale begins today at 10.00.
07. oktober – Aalborg, Studenterhuset (pre-sale)
08. oktober – Odense, Posten (pre-sale)
15. oktober – Copenhagen, Pumpehuset (pre-sale)
21. oktober – Aarhus, Radar (pre-sale)
22. oktober – Vejle, Bygningen (pre-sale)

20.04.2016 – Spids Nøgenhat to headline Copenhagen Psych Fest

Spids Nøgenhat will be headlining Copenhagen Psych Fest 2016! It will be their only show in 2016. The festival takes place July 13-16 at the four venues Musikloppen, Den Grå Hal, Christanias Børneteater and Byens Lys at Christania. Besides Spids Nøgenhat you can catch Bad Afro related artists such as The Janitors, Narcosatanicos, Telstar Sound Drone and The Setting Son as well as Orange Revival, Black Mountain, Spectrum, Black Lizard, Kaleidoscope, Electric Eye, Papir and many, many more acts. Get your tickets HERE

07.04.2016 – New Bellhound Choir single/video online today

The new Bellhound Choir single/video is online today. It’s called Bad Dreams and is taken from the debut album Imagine The Crackle due out May 20th 2016 on Bad Afro. Check out the video for Bad Dreams below.

18.03.2016 – Telstar Sound Drone album released today – listen to full album below

09.03.2016 – Dark Kashmir from the upcoming Telstar Sound Drone album

25.02.2015 – Pre-order the new Telstar Sound Drone LP

The pre-sale of the new Telstar Sound Drone LP Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles begins today. 1st press is on black vinyl and includes a free CD with the entire album. Release date is Friday the 18th of March and pre-orders ships the day before so most people will receive it on the day of release. Pre-order the LP HERE

18.02.2016 – New Telstar Sound Drone single/video out today

The new Telstar Sound Drone single Drugs Help is released digitally today. It’s taken from the upcoming album ‘Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles’ due out March 18th on Bad Afro. Video made by Malou Da Cunha Bang and Kristian Hoeck.

11.01.2016 – Release schedule 2016

2016 just said hello and Bad Afro has four new albums in the pipeline this year including Baby Woodrose, The Telstar Sound Drone, Bellhound Choir and Narcosatanicos. The coming year will also bring re-issues of four Baby Woodrose LPs that have been sold out for some time.

2016 is also the year when Bad Afro is no longer a teenager and turns 20 years old. Yes, we have been pushing Scandinavian Rock To The Man! since 1996 with a few additions from Italy, Australia and the US. The anniversary party, location and bands will be announced later.

Telstar Sound Drone – Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles LP+CD 18.03.2016
Baby Woodrose – Third Eye Surgery – LP (white vinyl) 22.04.2016
Baby Woodrose – Chasing Rainbows LP (purple vinyl) 22.04.2016
Bellhound Choir – Imagine The Crackle LP+CD 20.05.2016

Baby Woodrose – Freedom LP+CD 16.09.2016 (new album!)
Baby Woodrose – Money For Soul (green vinyl) 14.10.2016
Baby Woodrose – Love Comes Down LP (purple vinyl) 14.10.2016
Narcosatanicos – Tba LP+CD 04.11.2016

12.12.2015 – New The Telstar Sound Drone album coming up

The Telstar Sound Drone have been working hard on their new album and it has now finally been sent to the printer. The title is Magical Solutions For Everyday Struggles and release is set for March 2016. It will be the first release on Bad Afro for about 18 months and first print of the LP on black vinyl will include a CD with the full album. Telstar is turning into a super group these days featuring Sean Jardenbæk on vocals, Hans Beck (Baby Woodrose) on drums, Mads Saaby (Baby Woodrose) on guitar, Hobbitten from Spids Nøgenhat on guitar and newcomer Moody Guru (Spids Nøgenhat/ex-Baby Woodrose) on bass. First single,“Drugs Help”, will be out in late January. Until then here’s “Now See How” from the debut album Comedown released in 2013 on Bad Afro.

16.11.2015 – Book about Spids Nøgenhat released today

spids forside lilleThe book ‘Mere Lys – Historien Om Spids Nøgenhat’ is out today. It took about a year to write it so it feels good that it is finally out now. The book is in Danish which unfortunately excludes many fans of On Trial, Baby Woodrose, Dragontears, Aron and Spids Nøgenhat from reading it. The book has 148 pages and includes more than a 100 photos and illustrations that never have been published before. All Danish bookshops can order it home as it is distributed by DBK in Denmark. So if your local bookshop don’t have it in stock you can ask them to order it. Route 66 in Aarhus and Copenhagen have it and you can get it online at the Bad Afro shop, Karma, Arnold Busck, Bog & Idé, Saxo, Boghandleren, William Dam and the Gaffa shop.

08.11.2015 – “New” Baby Woodrose video discovered

An until now unknown Baby Woodrose video has recently been discovered. Back in 2009 the director Adam Olsson began the recording of a video for “Countdown To Breakdown” taken from the self-titled Baby Woodrose album released the same year. The video was never finished and has since then been collecting dust on an old hard drive. Olsson recently found it again and decided to finish it by adding some psychedelic visuals.

Adam Olsson is best known for his video for “Lolland Falster” by Spids Nøgenhat but he has also done the video for the Baby Woodrose song “Dandelion” (a duet with Emma Acs) as well as clips by The Good The Bad and The Setting Son. He also played guitar in Baby Woodrose for a couple of years.

02.11.2015 – Reception at Route 66

There will be a reception for the new Spids Nøgenhat book at Route 66, Fælledvej 3, 2200 Copenhagen N next Friday the 13th of November at 17.00. We will be selling a special edition of the book which is handnumbered from 101 – 200 and includes a signed insert by Morten Aron Larsen and a promo CD of the latest Spids Nøgenhat album ‘Kommer Med Fred’.

20.10.2015 – Pre-sale of the Spids Nøgenhat book begins on Thursday

spids FLYER_TIL_WEBThe pre-sale of the book ‘MERE LYS – Historien Om Spids Nøgenhat’ begins on Thursday the 22/10 at 10.00. The first 100 copies are autographed by Spids Nøgenhat, hand-numbered and includes a promo-CD of their latest album ‘Kommer Med Fred’. The first batch also include an insert with the drawing from the frontpage signed by the artist Morten Aron Larsen. This version will only be sold via the Bad Afro bandcamp shop. After that the “regular” version will be on sale. It will be shipped November 13th so most people will receive it on the release date 16/11. The book is in Danish to avoid any misunderstandings. The limited edition is long gone but you can still get the “regular” version. Get it right HERE

15.10.2015 – Bellhound Choir on tour with John Garcia

Bellhound Choir will support the former Kyuss vocalist John Garcia on his upcoming European solo tour. The 15 shows will take place in December and includes London, Paris and Milano. Garcia formed Kyuss with Josh Homme and Brant Bjork in 1987 and they made four influential albums before breaking up and Homme went on to play in Queens of the Stone Age. John Garcia has since then been in several bands, most recently Vista Chino, but on this tour he is solo and unplugged. Here are the dates:

01.12.2015 – John Garcia + Bellhound Choir, Little Devil, Tilburg
02.12.2015 – John Garcia + Bellhound Choir, Gebroeders de Nobel, Leiden
03.12.2015 – John Garcia + Bellhound Choir, Underworld, London
04.12.2015 – John Garcia + Bellhound Choir, L’Archipel, Paris
06.12.2015 – John Garcia + Bellhound Choir, Heimat + Hafen, Bielefeld
07.12.2015 – John Garcia + Bellhound Choir, Christuskirche, Bochum
08.12.2015 – John Garcia + Bellhound Choir, Plaza, Zürich
09.12.2015 – John Garcia + Bellhound Choir, Le Bourg, Lausanne
10.12.2015 – John Garcia + Bellhound Choir, LoFi Club, Milano
11.12.2015 – John Garcia + Bellhound Choir, Officina Degli Angel, Arbizzano
12.12.2015 – John Garcia + Bellhound Choir, Borderline Club, Pisa
13.12.2015 – John Garcia + Bellhound Choir, Kranhalle, München
15.12.2015 – John Garcia + Bellhound Choir, Zoom, Frankfurt
16.12.2015 – John Garcia + Bellhound Choir, Groovestation, Dresden
17.12.2015 – John Garcia + Bellhound Choir, F-Haus, Jena

07.09.2015 – Spids Nøgenhat book out in November and new releases coming up.

Thomas Løppenthin from Borderline and I finally finished the book about Spids Nøgenhat and sent it to the printer. Well, the book is also about Baby Woodrose, Dragontears, Aron and many other bands that was spawned from On Trial. Release is set for November 16th. The book will be in Danish which will unfortunately exclude many fans of these bands. Sorry about that.

New releases coming up. This coming spring the second The Telstar Sound Drone album will be released featuring two members of Baby Woodrose and Hobbitten from Spids Nøgenhat. Also, the debut album by our new signing Bellhound Choir will be out in the spring next year. A new album by Baby Woodrose and a 12” by Narcosatanicos should be out in the fall 2016 as well. If everything turns out like it should.

12.08.2015 – New signing on Bad Afro: Bellhound Choir

BellhoundChoir_RGS2 400Bad Afro is happy to announce the signing of a new Danish act. Bellhound Choir is the solo project of singer and guitarplayer Christian Hede Madsen. In April he released the EP ‘Stray Screech Beast’ online (vinyl version out late August on Lay Bare Recordings from Holland) that showcased a dark, stripped down alternative blues sound that intrigued us even though it’s pretty far from what we normally release. The EP can be heard below.The upcoming Bellhound Choir debut album is already recorded and is even better than the EP. The album is called ‘Imagine The Crackle” and is produced by Sebastian Wolff from Kellermench. It’s due to be released on Bad Afro in 2016.

Christian Hede Madsen used to sing and play guitar in the Danish stoner and classic rock outfit Pet The Preacher which is now on hiatus.

04.08.2015 – Upcoming tour dates

28.08-29.08.2015 – Narcosatanicos – Knife Fest, Copenhagen
10.09-12.09.2015 – Lorenzo Woodrose (solo), Copenhagen Psych Fest, Copenhagen
19.09.2015 – Spids Nøgenhat – Voxhall, Aarhus
25.09.2015 – Spids Nøgenhat – Posten, Odense
26.09.2015 – Spids Nøgenhat – Studenterhuset, Aalborg
02.10.2015 – Spids Nøgenhat – Pumpehuset, Copenhagen (Sold Out)
03.10.2015 – Spids Nøgenhat – Pumpehuset, Copenhagen (Sold Out)
04.10.2015 – Spids Nøgenhat – Pumpehuset, Copenhagen
10.10.2015 – Spids Nøgenhat – Oslo Psych Fest, Oslo
20.10.2015 – Baby Woodrose – Hafenklang, Hamburg
21.10.2015 – Baby Woodrose – The Tube, Düsseldorf
22.10.2015 – Baby Woodrose – Kulturbahnhof, Jena
23.10.2015 – Baby Woodrose – K4, Nürnberg
24.10.2015 – Baby Woodrose – Sky High Festival, Das Bett, Frankfurt am Main
25.10.2015 – Baby Woodrose – Beatpol, Dresden

04.05.2015 – Telstar Sound Drone release new live EP

telstar live EPToday Telstar Sound Drone will release a new EP that was recorded live at Jägerklause in Berlin in January last year. The EP can be downloaded for free at their bandcamp and contains the 4 songs Evaporation, Feels Like A Ride, Golden Needles and a cover of the Red Crayola song Hurricane Fighter Plane. Telstar Sound Drone released their debut album Comedown on Bad Afro in June 2013 and are currently working on their second album due to be released at the end of the year. The band consists of Sean Jardenbæk on vocals, Hans Beck (drums), Mads Saaby (guitar) (both from Baby Woodrose), Christian Norup (bass) from Bite The Bullet and Henrik “Hobitten” Klitstrøm from Spids Nøgenhat

18.04.2015 – Baby Woodrose Will be touring in Germany in October

20.10.2015 – Hafenklang, Hamburg
21.10.2015 – The Tube, Düsseldorf
22.10.2015 – Kulturbahnhof, Jena
23.10.2015 – K4, Nürnberg
24.10.2015 – Sky High Festival @ Das Bett, Frankfurt am Main,
25.10.2015 – Beatpol, Dresden

08.04.2015 – New logo for Forlaget Bad Afro

Forlaget_Bad_AfroNow that Bad Afro is about to release a book about the danish band Spids Nøgenhat a new logo is needed. Thanks to Peter Markham (who did a LOT of the Bad Afro artwork in the early days and was the inventor of the original logo) for making this update of the logo that showcases our new intellectual standard. This book is also the reason why there is quiet on Bad Afro right now. I am taking a break from releasing records but after the book-mania new releases by Baby Woodrose, Telstar Sound Drone and Narcosatanicos are in the pipeline. Next year Bad Afro Records will not be a teenager anymore as the label turns 20 years old. Have to figure out how to celebrate that as well.

16.03.2015 – It’s all too quiet, baby!

spids figurIf you think there is quiet on Bad Afro these days you are completely right. The last release was the Janitors 12” in September last year and there will be no releases this spring. The reason is that a friend and I are writing a book about the Danish band Spids Nøgenhat and that will take all my time the next coming months. The book will be published on Bad Afro in November as an independent book. After that the plan is to be going back to releasing sweet vinyl. The next coming releases are a Narcosatanicos 12” and the second album by Telstar Sound Drone. Hopefully a new Baby Woodrose album is getting closer as well.

05.03.2015 – Spids Nøgenhat will be playing the following shows in DK in the fall

19.09.15 – Voxhall, Aarhus (pre-sale)
25.09.15 – Posten, Odense (pre-sale)
26.09.15 – Studenterhuset, Aalborg (pre-sale)
02.10.15 – Pumpehuset, Copenhagen (pre-sale)

19.02.2015 – Baby Woodrose live in Denmark

Baby Woodrose will only play a few shows in Denmark in 2015. These three concerts have just been confirmed:

23.05.2015 – Pitstop, Kolding (pre-sale)
30.05.2015 – Loppen, Copenhagen (pre-sale)
30.07-02.08.2015 – Kildemose Festival, Nyborg

17.02.2015 – Spids Nøgenhat will be playing live in Tivoli in Copenhagen May 1st

31.01.15 – Special edition of The Dandelion – S/T 12″

dandelion special ed 12When Bad Afro released the now sold out debut 12” by The Dandelion early last year we had to call back the entire pressing as there was a small scratch on one of the songs. It was not a big deal but still too annoying to let go. A new batch of vinyl was produced and inserted into the old sleeves and we tried to have as many records returned as possible. We got most of them back but there is still 70 copies out there with the scratch. This means that there are 70 EPs left without the original sleeve and they will be sold as a special edition version in a black sleeve with a Bad Afro logo. This version will only be available at the BAD AFRO SHOP and when we attend record fairs. Like tomorrow at Nørrebrohallen in Copenhagen. Listen to the 12″ HERE

26.01.2015 – Spids Nøgenhat won two Steppeulven awards

Shit man, Spids Nøgenhat just won 2 x Steppeulven – the association of Danish reviewers at the big papers in Denmark just gave Spids Nøgenhat two awards for best live band of the year and best band of the year in 2014. Hell yeah!! Photo by Palle Demant.
spids-steppe 1

08.01.2015 – Updated tourdates

23.04.2015 – Baby Woodrose – DesertFest, Berlin
01.05.2015 – Spids Nøgenhat – Tivoli, Copenhagen
23.05.2015 – Baby Woodrose – Pitstop, Kolding
30.05.2015 – Baby Woodrose – Loppen, Copenhagen
12.06.2015 – Spids Nøgenhat – Northside Festival, Aarhus
28.06.2015 – Spids Nøgenhat – Tinderbox Festival, Odense
30.07-02.08.2015 – Telstar Sound Drone – Kildemose Festival, Nyborg
30.07-02.08.2015 – Baby Woodrose – Kildemose Festival, Nyborg
02.08.2015 – Baby Woodrose – Burg Herzberg Festival
10.10.2015 – Spids Nøgenhat – Oslo PsychFest, Oslo

18.12.2014 – Spids Nøgenhat to play at the Tinderbox Festival in June 2015

Spids Nøgenhat can confirm their second show in 2015 besides the NorthSide Festival. They will play at the Tinderbox Festival in Odense, Denmark. The concert will take place Friday the 28th of June. More shows to be announced later.

12.12.2014 – Baby Woodrose – Blows Your Mind LP back in stock

BW orangeThe 7th print of Blows Your Mind is now in stock and this time it’s on orange vinyl. Blows Your Mind is the classic debut album by Baby Woodrose originally released in 2001 on main man Lorenzo Woodrose´own label Pan Records. Lorenzo wrote the songs and played all the instruments himself and although the sound is more lo-fi than usual on a Baby Woodrose album the songs are among the best he ever wrote. Blows Your Mind was originally issued on vinyl on a Spanish label in 2001. There is believed to be 1500 copies in circulation and the album is now a much sought after collectors item going for insane prices on E-bay. Bad Afro decided to re-issue the LP in 2008 to make it available at a reasonable price. The Bad Afro version has been mastered by Jürgen Hendlmeier (the original version was never mastered) and is wrapped in a stunning gatefold sleeve with the original artwork by Malleus. Listen to the album HERE

09.11.2014 – And the Winner is….Spids Nøgenhat!

Spids Nøgenhat won a Danish Music Award for Best Danish album of the year and an award for best live act. Even though it’s a high-five from the corporate and mainstram part of the record business it’s great to see outsider rock being honoured.

14.10.2014 – Dolly Rocker & Telstar Sound Drone back in print on LP November 3rd

Telstar Sound Drone – Comedown LP (red vinyl)

Telstar sound drone - comedown 120The debut album by Telstar Sound Drone originally came out June 6h 2013 and contains a good mix of feedback-ridden psychedelic rock and slow heavy psych. From the blistering Evaporation to the shimmering Feels Like A Ride Telstar Sound Drone are not here to give you some easy listening. The band are currently working on their second album due to be released in the fall 2015 and is featuring members of Baby Woodrose, Spids Nøgenhat and Bite The Bullet. Limited to 500 copies on red vinyl. Listen to the full album right HERE

The Dolly Rocker Movement – Our Days Mind the Tyme LP (red vinyl)

Dolly-our days mind the tyme 120This is the third The Dolly Rocker Movement album and the only one that has been made on vinyl. It quickly sold out when it was released February 2nd 2010 and many people have asked for a reprint. Our Days Mind the Tyme owes it’s genesis to the psychedelic 60s, and the influence of Sky Saxon, Arthur Lee and Syd Barrett, yet sparkles as bright and fresh as the morning sun. DRM does not exist anymore but front man Daniel J Poulter is moving forward with his new project The Dandelion. Limited to 500 copies on red vinyl. Listen to the full album HERE

06.10.2014 – Watch the scary new video by The Janitors

01.10.2014 – Spids Nøgenhat nominated for 3 Grammys

It’s pretty far out but Spids Nøgenhat is nominated for 3 Danish Music Awards (the Danish Grammy) in 2014. Band of the year, live band of the year and their second album Kommer Med Fred is nominated as the best Danish album of the year. Danish Music Awards will be broadcastet on National tv station TV2 November 8th. Tickets and more info HERE

22.09.2014 – The Janitors 12″ out today! Have a listen to the full EP below