Baby Woodrose

BW-guitar-700Baby Woodrose is a rock band formed in Copenhagen in 2001. The name is taken from the Argyreia Nervosa, a plant commonly known as Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, which can be used for hallucinogenic effects. When Baby Woodrose released their debut album “Blows Your Mind” in 2001 it was in reality a one-man operation by Lorenzo Woodrose who wrote the songs, played all the instruments, produced it and released it on his own record label Pan Records. The daring sleeve made by Malleus created some controversy when it was banned from Myspace (THE social media at the time) and printers refusing to print the sleeve because they regarded it as pornographic. After they released Blows Your Mind Baby Woodrose signed to Bad Afro Records who had witnessed one of their early shows when they still had two guitars and drums in the line-up and they released the Never Coming Back 7” on the label in 2002.

BW-trio-2003Baby Woodrose later became a real band with the addition of Anders “Fuzz Daddy” Grøn on drums and Anders “Moody Guru” Skjødt on bass and the next album, “Money For Soul”, reflected that. Here they created a unique sound that took them to the 60′s and back, letting the music be influenced by many shades of rock’n'roll, soul and psych, but always played with a heartfelt punk attitude. Money For Soul became their first hit record resulting in massive airplay on Danish National radio, the opening slot on the main stage at the Roskilde Festival in 2003, a Danish Grammy nomination as well as actually winning the prestigious Danish P3Guld award. Then followed a collaboration with Danish beat legend Peter Belli and the release of the “Nok af Dig” 7” that also became a mayor hit on national radio. Belli later joined Baby Woodrose on stage when they closed the main stage at Roskilde Festival in 2004.

At this point it was busy times for Baby Woodrose. The Danish national radio recorded the band at the Gutter Island garage rock festival which resulted in the Live at Gutter Island LP. Then followed the Dropout album which was not the follow up to the Money For Soul album from 2003, but a Baby Woodrose tribute to the garage groups from the 60′s that had influenced the band over the years. It included covers of obscure stuff like The Savages, Painted Faces, The Lollipop Shoppe and The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band to more well-known territory like Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, The 13th Floor Elevators, Love, The Stooges, The Sonics and The Saints.

BW_4_trykIn 2006 Baby Woodrose released the Love Comes Down album that was heavily compressed but contained a great mix of pretty straight forward garage rockers mixed with beautiful moodier stuff. The vinyl version was only released in 500 copies which makes it the most rare Baby Woodrose LP to date. Then followed Chasing Rainbows from 2007 which was the sound of a band with more musical guts than in the past. Clearly inspired by the Baby Woodrose side-project Dragontears the band expanded their sound and produced an album that was very different from earlier efforts. Not only because of the use of instruments like cello, lap-steel, flute and tablas. But also because Chasing Rainbows was both their most poppy and commercial release AND their most experimental and druggy album so far. Over all Chasing Rainbows was less of a party album compared to the old Baby Woodrose stuff. But there was more substance and details for your listening pleasure. Chasing Rainbows became the last album with the original line-up.

By 2009 Lorenzo Woodrose was back to basics of recording on his own like he did on Blows Your Mind. Working in a new enviroment and with new people resulted in a new sound on “S/T” that was more punchy, straight and to the point than on previous Baby Woodrose albums. The songwriting of Lorenzo Woodrose remained the same though and on “Baby Woodrose” we got to hear a fine blend of fuzzed out garagepunk and beautiful melancholic songs. The broken Kinks riff in “No Mas” is a solid punch in the face while “Countdown To Breakdown” is an epic ballad of pure brilliance. And then there’s “Emily”, in Lorenzos own words the most commercial song he has ever done.

BW-band-2012 220In 2011 it was 10 years ago that Lorenzo Woodrose started his own label Pan Records and released the Baby Woodrose debut album Blows Your Mind. The album is still a favourite among many Baby Woodrose fans and along the years the album has sold almost 10.000 copies on LP and CD and an unknown amount of downloads. To celebrate the 10 year anniversary Bad Afro released Mindblowing Seeds & Disconnected Flowers – a collection of 15 of the original 4 track demos that led to the release of Blows Your Mind.

bw nyt cederholm 400All Baby Woodrose albums have a different vibe and with Third Eye Surgery from 2012 they made their space rock album. For the first time Lorenzo Woodrose integrated the heavy psych of his side projects Dragontears and Spids Nøgenhat with the fine song writing of Baby Woodrose. No matter how much the fuzz guitar is wailing or the echo machine is tripping, there’s always a good song hiding beneath the rumble. Third Eye Surgery is also the return to a more lo-fi and trashy aesthetic from the early Baby Woodrose recordings.

Baby Woodrose have for many years toured and recorded as a trio but has in the past 4 years played live both as a quartet and quintet, featuring an everchanging line up of musicians from the Copenhagen underground of bands such as Telstar Sound Drone and The Setting Son.

A new Baby Woodrose album called ‘Freedom” is set for release September 16th, 2016.

Photo of Lorenzo leaning against the wall by Magnus Cederlund