dragontears-roadburn plakat 250Dragontears was a project featuring current and former members of Baby Woodrose and On Trial. They wrote and recorded most of their debut album during a hazy week between Christmas and New Years Eve in 2005 in the Black Tornado studio in Copenhagen. An album fittingly called “2000 Micrograms From Home”. The album was released in March 2007 as the first part of the Dragontears trilogy.

The songs on the 2000 Micrograms From Home began life as improvised jam sessions that eventually resulted in six songs of a very diverse nature. There is “Borderline”, an apocalyptic track assembled from various bits and pieces that are looped together on the computer, giving it a slightly mechanical feel. There is deep hypnotic drone in the 16 minutes long “The Doors of Prescription” and cosmic love in “Hobbittens Drøm”, a song with Danish lyrics initially intended for the Spids Nøgenhat album “En Mærkelig Kop Te” but never recorded. All songs were linked together by sound effect interludes and are drenched in a psychedelic web of glockenspiel, autoharp, bubbly wahwah guitar sounds often played backwards, tambourine and strange sounds from vintage tape echo machines living a life of their own. And that’s just a part of it.

The second Dragontears album was entitled “Tambourine Freak Machine” and was released in November 2008. The album was musically quite similar to the debut album but the band used a larger amount of electronics and the eternal quest for hallucinatory experimentation has made the music span a slightly wider range, transcending musical styles like neofolk, psychedelic, space rock and electronica.

dragontears-guf-liveThe tracklist included the 10 minute drug fantasy “The River” which involved an impressive eight verses of illuminated spiritual delerium and is not a Bruce Springsteen cover. Also, another eight verses of righteous anger and loathing in “Masters of War”, which is in fact a Bob Dylan cover. Other highlights were a 16 minute dark hypnotic journey titled “The Freedom Seed”, which featured Danish punk diva Janine Neble from Alive With Worms – and the electronic experimental track “Dreamweaver 2”, which featured delicately noisy circuit bends from ex- Raveonettes Manoj Ramdas, absolutely molesting an out of date drum machine and some Japanese toy keyboard. Repo Man Records released a very rare 7″ called Hadron Collider in 2008 consisting of outtakes from Tambourine Freak Machine. It was pressed in only 189 copies.

Spids-kulisselageret 275 nummer 2The final album in the Dragontears trilogy is called Turn On Tune In Fuck Off!! and was released in November 2011. It contained 6 songs of a very diverse nature of which 4 were in English and two were in Danish language. There is “No Salvation” which can be described as groovy doomsday funk (!?) while “My Friend” is purely acoustic. “Time of No Time” is colorful psycedelic rock with fantastic dual vocals that ends in a drone while “William” is drone all the way through and clocks in at almost 14 minutes.The theme of the album was doomsday and it is the closest Lorenzo Woodrose has ever been to writing a concept album. He was inspired by various conspiracy theories and the gloomy lyrics and underlying message can be boiled down to one line from “Time Of No Time”: “The raven is coming, end of transmission”. First edition of the LP on black vinyl contained a free 7″ featuring two exclusive songs. A 100 copies also exist on red vinyl including the 7″.

Dragontears is no more. From now on the freakier and more experimenting parts of main man Lorenzo Woodrose´songwriting, which Dragontears very much represents, will be incorborated into the music on future Baby Woodrose albums like on their latest album Third Eye Surgery from 2012.

The Dragontears line-up is identical to the one in Spids Nøgenhat who will release their second album Kommer Med Fred on October 21st, 2013.