The Dolly Rocker Movement – Your Side of Town 7″

Dolly 7 600x600 - 250There has been a little quiet around the Australian band The Dolly Rocker Movement since they released their third album Our Days Mind the Tyme in 2010. Main man Daniel J. Poulter moved to the US for a while and when he returned to Australia he started a new band called Kill City Creeps.

But Poulter has not completely forgotten about The Dolly Rocker Movement which is why Bad Afro is proud to present a brand new 7” EP. The title track is a slightly melancholic psych pop song with vibrant guitar licks and cool organs while Silently We Sung has a more quirky beat miles away from the usual garage thang. The 7” single is featuring a bonus track compared to the download version in shape of “Girl of the 13th hour”, a cover of the obscure Texas garage band Chaz and the Classics from 1967. It is now sold out.