The Love Coffin – Mortalized

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In the past couple of years Copenhagen-based five-piece group, The Love Coffin, has established themselves as one of the most noteworthy and potent acts on the Danish rock scene. The debut album Cloudlands from 2018 showcased their potential and with their new album dubbed Second Skin due for release April 24th 2020 the band sounds like they are ready to take everything to a new level.

Mortalized is the second single from Second Skin and is set for release March 6th. The song is produced by the band’s guitar player Kristian Alexander Pedersen and English producer Guy Fixen whose prior work includes collaborations with Pixies, Stereolab, Breeders and Slowdive as well as releases on legendary record labels such as Creation, 4AD and Beggars Banquet. Guy Fixen spent a few weeks in Copenhagen working in the studio which turned out to be a wise move as Mortalized is shining brightly and the band sounds better than ever before.

The Love Coffin is Jonatan K. Magnussen on vocals and guitar, Kristian Alexander Pedersen on guitar, Lasse Christiansen on keys, violin and guitar, Tue Einar Bakfeldt Fly on bass and Alexander Vitus on drums.