The Setting Son

ss-klaver foto-wwwSebastian T.W. Kristiansen is the young and shy brainchild behind The Setting Son. This unusual talent had composed more than 50 songs and recorded them on his small 4-track taperecorder in his flat in Copenhagen. Lorenzo Woodrose got hold of the tapes and handed them over to Bad Afro and as these demos turned out to be brilliant a batch of songs was later recorded by a full band and ended up as the debut album by The Setting Son released in 2007. At that point Sebastian T.W. Kristiansen had no experience of playing in a band, playing a show or even having a rehearsal space. But he had an ear for good tunes and his songwriting skills makes The Setting Son stand out among the many bands today who are inspired by psychedelic music from the 60s.

The trademark sound of The Setting Son is bubblegum psych with strong melodies and hooks galore. Some songs are rather angry and desperate while others are melancholic and sensitive. What ties it all together is Sebastians naive approach to the material that makes it sound blue eyed and fresh. Not to forget his snotty vocals that is highly addictive once they get under your skin.

setting son - seb-2012-wwwThe untitled debut album was produced by Lorenzo Woodrose from Baby Woodrose and was recorded and mixed in 9 days at the Black Tornado studio in Copenhagen in December 2006. The result was 14 songs in a little over 30 minutes. The line-up on the first album was Sebastian T.W. Kristiansen: Vocals, guitar, organ/Lorenzo Woodrose: Drums, percussion, vocals (Baby Woodrose, Spids Nøgenhat)/Adam Olsson: Guitar, vocals (The Good The Bad, Sort Sol, Wonderland, Emma Acs) and Marco Burro: Bass (ex-Untamed, Java Scull).

The second The Setting Son album called Spring of Hate was quite different compared to the debut album. Main songwriter Sebastian T.W. Kristiansen had obviously grown older and found a steady group of band mates that makes Spring Of Hate sound more like the work of a band than Sebastian with a hired backing band as was the case when the first album was recorded.

The songwriting of Sebastian T.W. Kristiansen had become more varied. “Soulmate”, the first single from the album, is a catchy song with an amazing chorus that goes straight to the brain as the perfect blend of psychedelic pop and garage rock. “Girl of Sorrow” showcased the melancholic side of the band while “I Lost Control” was desperate and angst-ridden.

The references to garage rock from the 60′s, psychedelic pop and surf are clear but it seems that The Setting Son have their own take on neo-psych anno 2009. Spring of Hate was produced by Lorenzo Woodrose in Black Tornado and was mixed by Johan Gellett at Studio 73.

SS-nyt bandfoto 3 2012 220The third The Setting Son album Before I Eat My Eyes & Ears was even more varied than the early material and more time was spend on the details this time. The album was produced by Sebastian T.W. Kristiansen and The Setting Son in the Orangeriet studio in Copenhagen and the result was a more mature record that showcased another side of their talent. Before I Eat My Eyes & Ears was released in October 2012 as LP and download. First print of the LP included a free CD of the entire album. The line-up on Before I Eat My Eyes & Ears included members of Baby Woodrose, Sort Sol, Emma Acs & the Inbred Family, The Good The Bad and Death Valley Sleepers.