narco coverBad Afro is happy to announce the release of the second album by Narcosatanicos. The band released their self-titled debut album on Mastermind and it was without a doubt the most interesting Danish release in 2014. The LP on Bad Afro is due out in November 2016 and we can’t wait to make your ears bleed.

Narcosatanicos sounds a bit like if you accidently opened the gates to hell and was met by a wall of intense psychedelic noise rock made by Satan himself. It’s a sonic mindfuck fueled on bad acid, paranoia and distortion. Three guitars, bass, drums and a saxophone player who must have spent his entire life listening to Fun House by The Stooges makes up this chaotic band and yet there is reason to be found somewhere in this vicious attack on your senses.

The band is currently working on a their 3rd album. The Narcosatanicos process is not exactly fast … probably released in the fall 2019.

Listen to Body Cults: